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The Seabillys’ CD ‘Mariner’s Tale’
is available now!!!

The cost of the CD is $15.00 each.

Net proceeds will go to charity.

Look for us soon
on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.

The Seabillys’ new CD ‘Mariner’s Tale’, features 4 original songs written by Dan Beer – the title track – Mariner’s Tale, Half an Hour Earlier (in Newfoundland), Wandering Newfoundlanders, and Wedding Day in Jail (coauthored by Jim McGregor). Kat Goheen contributed her originals  – Monument, and the beautiful fiddle tune, Grace in the Morning.  The distinctive voice of Brian Best is featured in the Steve Earle song – The Mountain, as well as on Dirty Old Town and Whiskey in the Jar. Mark Messcu on bass has a funny guest appearance in the song Wedding Day in Jail

Recorded & Engineered by Dave Pugh (Pineapple Sound) and Mastered by Brock McFarlane, The Seabillys tried to capture the raw fun energy of their live performances, as well as their three part harmony,  traditional fiddling and drumming.

Look for us soon on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.


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